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The right course of study: what interests you, do you hold it for the rest of your life in this field and what are the opportunities on the job market? When it comes to what to study, there are several factors that matter, and not all programs automatically lead to a well-paid and, above all, secure job. In this article you will be introduced to three subjects that are in great demand in relation to the labor market of the future.

Have your own interests mirrored in your studies

Of course, if you’re interested in studying, you can not just look into the job market of the future. For one thing, today’s requirements can change faster than they used to. And besides, your job or studying must be fun too. Otherwise, dealing with the subject from the outset is doomed to failure. To narrow down the degree programs that are in demand today for your aptitude, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your interests?
  • Can you imagine working in the field for the next 40 years?
  • Where are your chances of getting a job on the job market?

As already mentioned, it is essential that you enjoy the later job as well as your studies. After all, life is too short to torment you out of bed for the rest of your life in the morning to pursue a job that does not match your personal interests. However, you should also wear no pink glasses: it makes little sense to choose a course that brings a lot of fun, but does not bring any opportunities for the labor market of the future.

Three courses of study that are in high demand are:

  • industrial engineering
  • Environmental and Resource Management
  • Online Journalism
  • Degree programs that are in high demand: industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is a relatively new study – at least in Europe. Industrial engineers are no longer an integral part of big companies where economic and technical issues meet. The advantage of the people studying this course is that they are familiar with both economic and technical subjects. This is often a problem in companies when people from different backgrounds unite and, as it were, talk past each other. If you are familiar with both areas, then you have a clear advantage.

An overview of the subject

As an industrial engineer, you optimize technical processes and their processes in terms of productivity and profitability. As an employer companies in sectors such as mechanical engineering and vehicle construction, business consulting and electrical engineering in question. The starting salary of industrial engineers lies i.d.R. at 42,000 euros a year. The salary is u.a. depending on the degree (Bachelor, Master, Diploma).

Environmental and Resource Management

Climate protection is an omnipresent topic. As a student of the course called Environmental and Resource Management, you will be looking at all areas of this overall topic. The study is so far only possible at relatively few universities. But more and more universities are taking up the degree program or offer similar courses of study, which are also in great demand.

The subject at a glance

These courses are concerned with the optimization of technical, economic and infrastructural processes with regard to environmental protection and resource conservation. Good English skills are a prerequisite for studying the subject as easily as possible, because internationality is a top priority in Environmental and Resource Management and similar programs. In other words, most of these programs are offered in English only in Europe. A semester abroad is usually a must.

International companies as a potential employer

With the completion of one of these courses, you are the professional for the optimization of processes with regard to environmental protection and resource conservation. Above all international companies, research institutes and authorities are looking for graduates of these study programs. Environmental organizations, universities and energy and recycling companies are also eligible as employers. The starting salary depends on the employer – in the free economy usually higher salaries are paid. As a graduate with a bachelor’s degree, however, one can expect an annual salary of around 38,000 euros.

Online Journalism

As the Internet increasingly plays the role of the most important source of information, online journalism has become increasingly important. It is, so to speak, the modern form of classic journalism – today’s news coverage has changed significantly through the internet and social media. Online journalism means working up the contents in a way that creates an active exchange with the reader. So we move away from so-called one-way communication. The appropriate subjects will teach you how blogs, social media, etc. work and what specific circumstances must be observed.

Basic information about the subject

As an online journalist, you are responsible for working on topics in a digital form and familiarizing them with the reader. Every major newspaper and magazine has an online section. Thus, almost every newspaper comes as a client in question. But PR and marketing agencies are among the potential employers. In this area too, the starting salary is largely dependent on the employer and the field of activity. A young online journalist earns an average of € 36,000 a year. If you graduate from an elite university, the chances of a higher fee increase enormously.

Final remarks on the degree programs

It is striking that creative professions and study programs such as law are no longer as popular as they were some time ago. This is due to the ever-changing structures of our society. This also explains the fact that studying, which is still in great demand today or offers good opportunities for the future labor market, may have disappeared from the “image surface” in a few years’ time. Our “world” is undergoing constant change, which also affects the degree programs and the labor market. In times of global crises and potential dangers, this is more the case than ever.

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